AWS configuration with Terraform


Recently I had a contract which required me to immerse myself in AWS configuration for a LAMP stack, which led me to Terraform, amongst other things. I thought I’d publish here the list of resources that helped me. It’s a lot of links!

One tip I found was to use Jenkins to do automatic validation of your Terraform scripts. I think that’s a good tip.

Talk by Nicki Watt of Hashicorp:

Good tutorial:


Cloud Best Practices:

Elastic beanstalk might be a way to go:

These days I tend to put everything behind an Nginx reverse proxy:

Some AWS Webinars:

Drupal. Which was quite close to what I’d be needing: and and and

Doing your Git stuff at Amazon appears to have some advantages. CodeCommit:

AWS cost Best Practices:

Web Hosting general best practices:

A reference architecture for Drupal hosting:


If you’re on AWS it makes sense to use Amazon’s own CDN service. If however, you already have an Akamai account, it’s supported by terraform.


Interestingly, Terraform works across multiple cloud providers.

An introduction from Gruntwork, a Terraform consultancy:

Terraform with AWS:

Terraform getting started:

Hashicorp training:

Udemy have courses if you want to pay money:

Gruntwork comprehensive guide:

Gruntwork slideshare:

Another tutorial:

All about provisioners:


If Ansible is your configurator of choice, you can shoehorn it in to Terraform.


Chef is natively supported.

Chef and AWS:


Jenkins on AWS:

And there’s the link dump. It should be enough to keep you going for a couple of days! Overall, I think if you’re going to use AWS, embrace it fully. Except Cloudflare. They’re awesome.