Chstsworth – a good day out.

So I happened to be up in the Peak District and obviously had to visit Chatsworth. Ok, between paying for parking, a tour book, access to the house and garden and finally spending money at their farm shop, it was not cheap. It was worth it! The Cavendishes are currently showing off their art collection which ranges from the ancient, through Picasso to Damien Hirst and a collection of sculptures in the gardens.

From the ancient
To the modern

One thing that really stood out to me was the chairs. Having been to the chair museum in Copenhagen, it takes a lot to impress me, but these did!

Obviously the wildlife was amazing. Aside from finches begging for crumbs, I also saw a load of wagtails.


he geology was impressive. I didn’t even walk through the coal tunnel. Yes, the Chatsworth greenhouses were lush.

And finally, the farm shop.

So, if you’re in the vicinity and want to kill a day, do visit.


I used to do photography. I did some at the University of Bath, a year of nights at three different Central St. Martin campuses and I’ve taught in London and Taiwan. When I was in Camden I’d be out a few nights a week shooting people from Logan Plant to Midge Ure. Obviously, I’ve travelled around following Deep Purple, the US, Canada and much of Europe. I gave up my camera and lenses a few years ago and now rely on my phone and for zoom a Canon point and click. Well, here are a few of my better photos from the past. I *do* have a load of Cardiff, as you can see from this blog of Cardiff tourist stuff. I think my best is printed on Moo business cards but I can’t find the originals.

First the Camden ones:

Staqbles Market
Stables Market. The top-end by Morrisons.
Legalise Tea
On the balcony above the West Yard.
Regents Park
Regents Park. Lens wide open.
Crafty fag.
Crafty fag.
Chalk Farm.
Chalk Farm. I had a queue of people behind me.
Lous Floyd Henry.
Lous Floyd Henry. Brick Lane.
Entertainer. South Bank I think.
Book stall.
Book stall, South Bank.
Bubble guy.
Bubble guy, South Bank.
Sweet corn.
Sweet Corn, Taipei.
Transporting gas.
Transporting gas, Taipei.
LA sunset.
Sunset Venice Beach, LA.